Friday, April 16, 2010

Student council events?

i'm student council president and i need help with some important events throughtout the school year.


septemer-tshirt sales



december-holiday dance



march-red ribbon week(?)


may-teacher appreciation.

we only do the december dance.

our student council doenst have that much power.


so...can you please help me out with the whole month to month events?

Student council events?
. Well, er, NO. Mostly do what the last pres did.

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What are some fun events to hold in a bar?

I am a 23 year old female who is a bar manager and college student. The bar that I work at is a dive, however, in recent years I have held various events like testical festivals etc to spice up our revenu. This year we are holding a few more events however, people are expecting me to go above and beyond with some fun, different, and unique reasons to party all day. I have been thinking of a tarts and vicars party, and a pinps and hoe's party but the bar is in the middle of Illinois and people area little reserved and hoosier. So i need some help from you all to tell me about some bar events you have been to charity or otherwise. Please give me some ideas!!

What are some fun events to hold in a bar?
I'm 30 and I've run bars for the past 9 years in Georgia. Here's different events I've done. I did a dating game where I had a Falcons cheerleader, I had a little girl (10) go through and pick guys out she thought were cute and get their ID's. She brought them to me and I chose 4 top guys and of course a decoy, a friend of mine for laughs. I'd ask each bachelor a series of questions, then I'd walk around and let random people ask questions. At the end, the crowd, by applause, picks the winner. I payed for them to have dinner for two at one of the restaurants I did a swap out with. Other events, dress up parties- pick a decade pick a theme or even pick a movie. Have a gong show. I did that for a solid 6 months straight. Invite all people who think they have talent to prove it at my bar. If they sucked, I bought a huge gong and gonged them. Dating auctions for charity, that always works. Eating contests. I was just in Chicago and a bar had jello wrestling. If you really want to brainstorm let me know, I've got a million things I've done or have planned. Let me know,
Reply:Beer pong tournament -- have people sign up and form teams in advance and tell them they must make up a team name and come in matching uniforms. If it's a college town people will definitely get into it.
Reply:Well, since they are reserved that pimps and hoes might actually work. break from their shell kinda thing for just one night BUT who knows... , Maybe have a themed night like 80's dress up or favorite movie criminal night... we had that here( sacramento,ca) and a lot of people came as tony montana from scarface lol. ummm as far as the themed thing... to encourage it more... maybe give a discount to people that actually dress up for the theme. Good luck
Reply:Congrats to you for being a 23 year old female bar manager. With your years of experience I'm sure that it would be no problem for you to come up with something great to do in your bar. But, considering that it's a dive in the middle of nowhere, I can't think of anything in particular I would want to celebrate there. You could try a jello or body shots night, or start a free snack food buffet to draw in more people and keep them there.
Reply:just let us drink in peace i like a nice quiet bar like cheers

drink and smoke and talk to your friends what else do you need
Reply:Cockroach Races!! It's a big thing in Australia. Everyone brings their own cockroaches, you name your cockroaches and enter them into a ring where they race each other. People get excited because they often make quite a bit of money. Good luck.
Reply:9 Ball tourney,quick easy 1 night
Reply:If you did well with testicle festival I would stick to that I go every year to a huge one IN Montana, How about a wet t-shirt contest or a beach theme, Have a pig roast....
Reply:If you are in an area where there are several bars within walking distance you could get them involved too, and have either a poker run or a scavenger hunt. Both would be lots of fun if you are in the college area. I'm sure college students would love it. Just have them get either a playing card (to ultimately make the best poker hand) from all the participating bars, or an unusual item from a list for the scavenger hunt. Have the game start and finish at your bar. They do have to be within walking distance or have some designated drivers for obvious reasons. I did both of these things several times from a bar I managed and everyone had lots of fun.

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What are the 3 most profound events in the history of the United States of America?

I was going to use the word moments,but thinking this has to be events.Moments are just that:Moments a blink of a eye.however events shapes and mold a country.Why three events?America is so young,if you compare America as a child,I would say she would be a three year old.Three year olds have moments,countrys have events.

What are the 3 most profound events in the history of the United States of America?
* American Revolution, b/c without we wouldn't exist

* Civil War, b/c it never happened there would still be slaves, thus changing the economic dynamic greatly

* 9/11 - made us realize that we aren't big and bad, and untouchable......f-ed up our economy, made us security paranoid freaks, and led to justification for the War in Iraq.
Reply:Pearl harbour; Assassination of President Kennedy; dropping the a-bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; 911
Reply:revolutionary war, and the civil war and 9/11
Reply:Custard, G.W. Bush Senior and Bush Junior!

Five historical events pre 1500?

Can you tell me some events which are soooo important? I am not asking for something which took place over a year or two... something which happened in a day or two... just like crucification of Jesus... some other very important events... pleaseeeeeee

Five historical events pre 1500?
1492 - Columbus brought diseases that killed millions of Native Americans.
Reply:732 Charles Martel defeats the Sarazin in Poitiers (France) Thus stopping the progression of Islam north of the Pyrenees in Europe.
Reply:Cleopatra visits Rome

Assassination of Julius Caesar

War between Octavian and Marc Antony.

Death of Marc Antony

Assumption of Octavian as Imperator, specifically Augustus.


(and that's just a tiny place in space and a small amount of years.)

What world events can I write in my one year old daughter's baby book other than the war in Iraq?

I have been working in my daughter's baby book since she just turned one a few days ago. And the question is what important world events were taking place when I was born and I want to write more than the obvious war in Iraq. What positive events took place or are still taking place in the US and around the world?

What world events can I write in my one year old daughter's baby book other than the war in Iraq?
well you have global warming, the so many recalls of toys, earthquakes, real estate market going down. Hillary Clinton running for president. wow. what kind of world do we live in.
Reply:US Senator Barack Obama of Illinois announces a presidential bid in Springfield, IL on Feb. 10, 2007.
Reply:The genocide happening in Dar fur.

The problem in Myanmar.

Iranian students protesting president (

Venezuela %26amp; Chavez

Diana investigation revisited

UIL, Current Events?

What should i study for UIL current events? What people should i study? What events should i study? Should i study the government.? Can you please HELP ME! Thankyou bye.

UIL, Current Events?
i dont know, sorry!!

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Depressed from events ...?

i hate events like Newyear Valentine ....etc i don't know why i get so depressed just to know that an event is coming by . this normal !!!

Depressed from events ...?
This is a purely personal opinion: Yes, it is normal. I have been dealing with depression for about 10 years now. And every christmas, valentines, and my birthday, it gets harder to manage those feeling of loneliness and sadness. If you can, try to see your MD or Therapist right before these events and let them know your having more trouble during these times. Maybe they can suggest support groups or other things to give you the extra help during thes times. If not, then just keep busy and in good company. Spend lots of time just hanging out with your friends.
Reply:i dont think it is normal unless you have depression, i think you need to go see your Dr. may be getting some help just might be usefull for you. there is nothing wrong with getting help, but there is something wrong when you dont get help. think about it, pray about it.. go with your heart, and good luck!! deb.
Reply:When everyone is celebrating the events of Thanks giving on planet earth.

Why must you deprive yourself and be the by-stander year in and year out living in misery in planet of apes.

Why not join the crowds and make merry yourself instead of living in misery over the ghost stories from the graveyards in planet of apes?

Why miss all the Cheers everyone wants to give you so you don't live in misery year-in and year-out in planet of apes.

That"s why it's call Seasons of Greetings in planet of apes.
Reply:nope , not with me i love the hollidays i get excited an feel great.
Reply:I think it's how your foreseeing the events that can be troubling or depressing. You didn't mention Christmas is that an ok holiday?. As to New Year you should look towards that day as "laying to rest all the unhappy events of the past year" and starting a Year with a fresh outlook on life. We as human beings tend to look at the worst because the happy times are over clouded by the sad times in our life. Valentine, shouldn't be an unhappy event since it's made for those who have that love in their life. I will not give up on finding love in this world. During this event could you not show someone special in your life, doesn't have to be someone close to you, just someone like a store clerk or a receptionist who's always welcomed you with a smile, couldn't you recognize them as being very special people in your life and showing them some form of appreciation for the good feelings they've given you?